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Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): #Syria Before & After The War

We received this at our Virtual HQ earlier today on the reality in Syria--Sometimes pictures replace 1000's and 1000's of words:


Hitting the "Virtual Ground" with the Friday Musical Interlude: Adele's "Hello" :-)

It is the day after thanksgiving here in the United States and we have hit "the Virtual Ground" running as it has been quite a week.   We have been working on preparing a number of notations which is due to be published over the next number of hours.   

However, it is Friday and time for the Friday Musical Interlude as we hope Adele's "Hello" which our team felt on pointe as our Artist for the week: 


On This Thanksgiving Day 2015 In the United States....

We "snuck" this in without our Founder's direct knowledge in order to share this our team received here @  our Virtual Studios as we work away gearing up for the new month and continued on-going service throughout #Outsiders:

Today's Word of the Day
Dear Friend,
May this Thanksgiving be a bountiful one in feast, friends, and family. As we celebrate Thanksgiving, it’s easy to remember our blessings and give thanks.  Join me as I intentionally live each day with an attitude of gratitude.  We all ought to be grateful each and every day; don’t you agree?  

Click the image, watch the video, leave us your comments and then pass it along to others, and together we can enrich the world. Enjoy!
Your friend,
John C. Maxwell

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May every day be a day to give thanks to all that we're blessed with.

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