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Notations On Our World (W-End Edition): On #Iran

It is election season in Iran and our team has been  continuing to assess the on-going fight between the two ruling factions in the Islamic Republic.   It was quite an interesting move by the 3 Members of Congress to send this letter off as they submitted Visa Applications to be observers at the Elections.  As we assessed the latest out of Iran,we found it curious that there was not a response to this letter in official State Media.

Iran has also in the midst of remembering the Revolution.    Khameini had met with the families of the fallen including recent ones--this particular one is the son of a Colonel who had been killed in Iraq:

Here is the Letter that was sent out:


The Friday Musical Interlude (Special Edition): Remembering Maurice White, The Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire

February is African American History Month.    As we welcome you all to Friday here in #outsiders, we wanted to use the interlude this week to remember and honor the legacy of Maurice White, the Founder of Earth, Wind & Fire.   He passed away this week from complications from Parkinsons.

Please enjoy the selections we have chosen throughout our Network: 


Notations On Our World: On #Europe

As the drama over the UK and Europe continues to play out on the world stage, the refugees keep on coming despite all the efforts to the contrary.    The Economist' KAL once again underscored the dilemma faced by Europe as the so-called open borders are under strain as never before.   

What was so dramatic is what the German Chancellor noted recently.    He noted how it was shameful how Europe could not accomodate 1 Million Refugees with a population of 500 Million--yet Lebanon with a population of 5 MIllion is hosting 1 Million Syrians.  Jordan is also dealing with the same as well.    

Will Europe survive?  That's the key question and this depiction by KAL underscores the drama.

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